About Us

Dealer Parts Group LLC has evolved into a complete marketing firm since we started the business in 1991 under the dba name of Direct Image. We began with an insurance collision repair directory based in Florida, in 1995 we developed and produced several highly intelligent wholesale parts direct mail pieces in which we grew to nearly nationwide. For the next twelve years we stayed mainly in the direct mail business promoting hundreds of wholesale parts dealers in National Wholesale parts program and the Advantage Parts Points program. In 2007 we added Dealer Network One a company that markets to body and repair shops in person using a team of professional in-the-field service representatives employed and managed from our home office in Texas. The latest addition to our family of companies include Performance Business Network LLC which is a more sophisticated platform consisting of a network of invited body shops and selected dealers to form our new Parts Now program that simplifies the shops purchasing efforts down to a few simple clicks. We also market our wholesale dealers through tel-sales phone marketing, fax distribution, and email promotional programs. Now, through our present family of companies Dealer Parts Group LLC represents over 600 OE Parts Departments in 22 States and continues to stay on the cutting edge of wholesale parts marketing; in September of 2016 we will celebrate twenty five years in wholesale parts marketing business!